La Invicta Honduran Tres Petit Corona -Tubed-Single Cigar

La Invicta Honduran Tres Petit Corona -Tubed-Single Cigar

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La Invicta Honduran Tres Petit Corona Cigar is very good, well-priced short smoke. At 4 inches long with a ring guage of 42, this is a nice compact cigar that will smoke for around 20 to 35 minutes, perfect if you don’t want to be standing outside in the cold!

The La Invicta Honduran blend is medium strength with a spicy, yet sweet, character with grassy, herbal and cedar-y notes. The smooth, delicate aromas of La Invicta Honduran cigars have long been enjoyed by smoking enthusiasts seeking good quality hand rolled cigars at affordable prices.

The La Invicta brand name is owned by Hunters and Frankau who are the exclusive agents for Habanos S.A. and distribute all their Cuban cigars in the UK. The brand was created in the 1940s when, during World War II,  they could not purchase Cuban cigars in US dollars. Instead Hunters and Frankau created La Invicta cigars which were made from Jamaican tobacco to keep the UK supplied during wartime. The brand has recently been resurrected and includes Honduran and Nicaraguan versions. The Honduran cigars are made at the Tabacos De Oriente Factory using tobaccos taken from Talanga and Jamastran (the factory makes all sorts of other brands including Rocky Patel).

The La Invicta Honduran Tres Petit Corona Cigar is presented in a cellophane wrapper in an aluminium tube.