Flatley The Dreamer 5 Year Old Irish Whiskey 43% abv 70cl

Flatley The Dreamer 5 Year Old Irish Whiskey 43% abv 70cl

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Flatley Whiskey embodies the remarkable saga of Michael Flatley’s life, distilled into narrative-rich blends. “The Dreamer”, the first in the series, celebrates the bold aspirations of Michael’s early life - a theme that resonates deeply with anyone who harbours a spirit of ambition and dreams of achieving greatness.

This Whiskey is a blend of 75% Triple Distilled Grain aged in Bourbon casks and 25% Double Distilled Malt aged in Bourbon casks, finished in Port and Pedro Ximenez casks.

Crafted in collaboration with Master Blender Noel Sweeney, this five-year-old triple-cask blend combines grain whiskey and double-distilled malt matured in former bourbon, port, and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. The whiskey embodies quintessential Irish Whiskey style with smooth complexity.

On the nose, this spirit features a delightful blend of sweet honey, citrus, cherries, and chocolate, complemented by soft malt and a hint of bourbon oiliness.

The palate is smooth and silky, showcasing biscuit sweetness alongside the rich flavors of Christmas cake fruits and spiced cherries, all harmoniously balanced with charred oak. The finish is long and dry, marked by spicy oak and lingering sweet chocolate notes.