Domaine de La Chauviniere Clos Les Montys 2018 12% abv  75cl

Domaine de La Chauviniere Clos Les Montys 2018 12% abv 75cl

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Produced from vines on granite soil, this Muscadet is elevated from the unique variety that is, Melon de Bourgogne. A grape with a soft character, which allows it to be a true expression of the terroir. The melon de bourgogne grape matures slightly later than usual, resulting in an ample and harmonious and crisp finish. Muscadet (Melon) is a wine for those who love anything-but-fruity wines. They are lean, green, and have a fascinating almost saline-like quality to the taste. Notes of mandarin and dried fruit appear on the palate, making this Muscadet more compex than the average. A wine that defines its orgins.

The Clos les Montys exhibits its exceptional terroir (superficial soil scattered with sandstone) which gives the vine an unusual precocity. She is, in fact, one of the first to spread its leaves in the spring.

Paradoxically, this terroir, called "green rocks", offers us a
vintage with thick skin (thanks to calcium) that does not deteriorate and can be harvested quite late. These two phenomena allow the vines a very long maturation phase and therefore a Muscadet that is more fleshy, structured, a Muscadet of calibre, with increased mouthfeel and persistence of flavour.

Serve it with shellfish, seafood, fish, or as an aperitif. Classic status for a reason, absolutely sublime with fresh oysters.