Condesa Classica Mexican Gin 43% abv 70cl

Condesa Classica Mexican Gin 43% abv 70cl

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Inspired by local curandera (healer) traditions, Condesa Clásica incorporates botanicals traditionally used to cleanse negative energy, attract love, and expand consciousness. This small-batch gin speaks uniquely to its Mexican heritage while still offering an intuitive substitute for a London Dry Gin in classic cocktails.

Distilled at Flor de Luna, a women-owned-and-operated micro-distillery established in 2015. Maestra Destiladora, Hillhamn Salome, co-created the brand.

Neutral grain base distillate of corn, rye, wheat, and barley; sourced in Mexico
Botanicals are sourced in Mexico and include juniper, palo santo, white sage, jasmine, coriander, elderflower, lavender, rosemary, cedron, myrrh, lime & orange zests.

A truly dry gin with zero added sugar