Bourgogne Des Flanders Blonden Os 6.5% abv 33cl Blt

Bourgogne Des Flanders Blonden Os 6.5% abv 33cl Blt

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Bourgogne des Flandres is a Belgian beer brewed by Timmermans Brewery in Itterbeek in the municipality of Dilbeek which is located in Flemish Brabant.

Blonden Os is a top-fermenting artisanal beer, historically brewed at the Bourgogne Des Flandres Brewery in Bruges.

Its simplicity ans its natural elegance are evocative of these wonderful beers from another time.

The mildly malty base is reminiscent of the one found in lager. The nose is pure, elegant and not overwhelming. The bouquet is complemented by a slightly fruity and spicy aroma of hops.

The start is mildly malty with a slightly sweet base. The carbon dioxide provides the necessary freshness. The flavour evolves into a dry finale with the pleasant bitterness of hops.

The aftertaste is dry, bitter and slightly spicy and lingers exactly long enough. The ideal thirst-quencher with a very mild flavour that will certainly appeal to the palate.