The Ned Pinot Rose 75cl

The Ned Pinot Rose 75cl

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The Ned Pinot Rose 2016 [75cl] New Zealand

 On the nose and palate this wine is all about summer berries matched with a creamy texture. The acidity is well balanced with just the slightest hint of structure from the Pinot Noir. A classic bouquet of red berries and cream. The palate of this rosé is nice and round, with cream and summer berries running through it’s core. Balanced, bright, and crisp.

A perfect match for seafood based rice dishes such as risotto or paella.

"The aroma of The Ned Pinot Rose offers up a classic bouquet of red berries and cream, enriched by a broarder element of tree-ripened persimmon with high toned, rose-tinged notes. The palate is neatly rounded, with a fleshy mouthful with that same creamy, summer berry fruits running through its core; all neatly balance with bright, crisp acidity" - Brent Marris, Marisco Vineyards Windmaker & Proprietor.
Situated in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough, the Marisco Vineyards comprise of a complex range of soils running across ancient river bed terraces with a unique climate. This combination of soils and climate allows us to produce classic styles of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio - showing elegance and fruit purity.
Waihopai River Pinot fruit, so it has the weight, along with a classic bouquet of summer berries and cream with a dash of spice. The poised and vibrant palate is dominated by a mouthful of ripe, soft berryfruit flavours enhanced by a creamy texture and a bright, vivacious finish.