Woodstock Old Fortified Tawny 18.5% abv 37.5cl

Woodstock Old Fortified Tawny 18.5% abv 37.5cl

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The fermenting juice of ripe Grenache and Shiraz are drained off their skins when about half of the natural sugars have fermented by yeast creating about 8% alcohol. 

Enough pure grape spirit is then added (“Fortifying” the wine) to an alcohol level of 18.5%. Aging this in small old barrels oxidises the colours and grape flavours and concentrates the sugars, acids and rancio flavours, making a luscious style. 

The alcohol content rises some more during this process and finishes at about 19%.

Medium amber in colour with aromas of caramel, figs and hints of cinnamon. Intense, luscious flavours with persistent nutty caramel aftertaste.

Fine spirit characters balance the sweetness producing an elegant and lengthy finish. 

A fine, fruity yet soft “Tawny Port” style made by Scott Collett.