Fantini Sangiovese Farnese 75cl

Fantini Sangiovese Farnese 75cl

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Italy’s defining grape, sangiovese, is a bit of a chameleon, easily altering its genetics to fit the environment. There are many different mutations of the variety all over Italy, which results in very different tasting wines... and there is something for everyone.

Fantini Sangiovese

This one, from the visionary team of one of Italy’s leading wineries, is fruit driven and intense. Flavours of black cherry and plum make way for a rich vanilla and woody edge. Having graced the banquet tables of numerous European courts during Renaissance times, this wine is perfect for any occasion.

The wine’s medium body, savoury character and lingering acidity are a perfect match with tomato based dishes, which will bring out more of the fruity flavours in the wine.