Fantini Pinot Grigio 75cl

Fantini Pinot Grigio 75cl

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From the crack winemaking team at Farnese, a Pinot Grigio to rival Italy’s best value offerings.

A wine of Farnese Estate, Italian winery of the year 2005, 2006 and 2007 (IWSC)
CCPB Certified Organic

Dazzling with enticing fruit and fresh herb aromas, a scintillating mouthful of rich peach and grapefruit is evident on the palate. Lemon, lime and a mineral crispness also persist with a gentle spicy finish.
The Farnese team add to their already impressive range with an authentic, intensely refreshing Pinot Grigio. Full of crisp, invigorating citrusy flavours, it's sure to be the next Farnese showstopper!

The grapes come from one solitary vineyard in the mountainous Molise. It's a thrilling landscape of high, empty spaces and little lost towns. Pinot Grigio is rarely grown here but winemakers Valentino, Flippo and Camillo thought the potential was huge. So they found their spot, grew the vines… and proved their point!