Farina Lugana 75cl 12.5% abv

Farina Lugana 75cl 12.5% abv

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 Colour:  Straw-yellow in colour with occasional green tint

Aroma: An extremely pleasant fresh and fine wine with hints of apricot and white fruits.

Flavour: Delicate with a soft and round fruity taste.

Officially known as Trebbiano di Soave—but only because the national register has not caught up with the scientific studies that show Lugana’s variety to be distinct, though closely related.

The local variety is more properly known as Trebbiano di Lugana or by the historic name Turbiana. Trebbiano di Soave and Trebbiano di Lugana have long been considered the highest quality members of the gaggle of grapes that go by the Trebbiano name, and in fact it has been shown that Trebbiano di Soave is genetically the same as the respected Verdicchio grape of Marche.