Shortcross Cask Aged Gin 42% abv 70cl

Shortcross Cask Aged Gin 42% abv 70cl

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A very limited and exclusive product with only a few hundred bottles crafted, from the Rademon Estate in Northern Ireland.

The bespoke spirit has been quietly resting in old French casks from Bordeaux. The premium barrels which hail from Château Cantemerle, had previously only been used twice and thus the impartation of vinous character was rapid, the colour too is a result of spirit and wood interaction. 3 months was all it took for the desired criteria to be acquired. Cask and spirit shine without one overtaking the other.

The 42% proof gin exhibits the key Shortcross characteristics of being juniper led with citrus and floral notes, but now adds an abundance of bright summer berries with notes of rose petals and vanilla, combined with lightly toasted oak and velvety tannins.

Serve with Fevertree Tonic, grapefruit and lots of ice