Powers 3 Swallow Pot Still Whiskey 40%abv 70cl

Powers 3 Swallow Pot Still Whiskey 40%abv 70cl

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Three Swallow features all the singular characteristics of traditional Irish Pot Still Whiskey – robust, spicy and smooth. This Single Pot Still Whiskey is matured in 2nd and 3rd fill bourbon barrels to ensure the flavour of the distillate is at the forefront, while a small component of Sherry-aged whiskey adds balance and finesse.

Single Pot Still | Bottled at 43.2% ABV (86.4 Proof) | Non-Chill Filtered



Pot Still spice combines with crisp barley character. Delicate herbs give way to green banana and grapefruit while a nutty note of marzipan reflects the wood contribution of specially selected casks.


In true Pot Still style, an initial taste delivers smooth mouth-coating barley followed by an eruption of green apple and citrus notes. Herbs and spicy flavor are complemented by a touch of cedar wood for extra complexity.


Spicy sweetness gives way to Pot Still barley character balanced with a hint of sherry and leading to a crisp cereal finish with toasted oak notes.