Plymouth Gin 41.2% abv 70cl

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Plymouth Gin has a distinctively different, less crisp flavour than the much more commonly available London Dry Gins on the market today. This flavour is the result of a higher than usual proportion of root ingredients, which bring a more earthy feel to the gin as well as a smoother juniper hit. Once the citrus and corriander dissipates, liquorice and angelica dominate the palate long after the gin has gone in what is an unusually long finish for a gin.

Contrary to the changing tides that have swayed towards the London Dry style that came to dominate the category, and now the swathe of fruit infused gins that are prevalent in today’s gin market, Plymouth Gin continues to be true to its roots and has retained its own distinct character. Produced in a still which has not been changed for over 150 years, it has a subtle yet full bodied flavour and an ever so slightly subdued juniper.