Chabot Armagnac 30 years old 70cl 40% abv

Chabot Armagnac 30 years old 70cl 40% abv

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Chabot established its name in Armagnac in 1828. Based in the rolling hills of Gascony in the village of Labastide d’Armagnac, the family produced the wine necessary for the distillation of Armagnac.

For over a century, the finely crafted Armagnac remained a well-kept secret, shared among close friends, Gascon locals and the French nobility.

That was until 1963 when Chabot brought Armagnac from France to the rest of the world. Like the modern gentleman, Chabot’s 30 Year Old is dignified and polished.

This debonair Armagnac has been delicately blended by our Cellar Master from vintages secured in the oldest reserves of Chabot.

Every drop of this premium Armagnac is 30 years old or older.

With glints of amber-colored topaz and aromas of sweet Madeira and exotic spices, this 30 Year Old, with its long lasting taste