Domaine Moillard Brouilly  Burgundy 75cl

Domaine Moillard Brouilly Burgundy 75cl

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A deep coloured wine, showing great finesse and fruit intensity. Ripe berry and currant flavours, soft tannins and balanced acidity on the finish. Ideal with white meat dishes.

Beaujolais is part of the greater Burgundy region, although its climate and soil make-up are quite different. It's well known for its light, fresh and fruity reds made from the Gamay grape. The basic, regional wines come under the simple name of 'Beaujolais'. Wines produced labelled 'Beaujolais-Villages' come from the better sites in the hilly northern area, and the best of Beaujolais tends to come from one of the ten communal villages, Fleurie, Brouilly and Morgon to name three.

Moillard has been making wines for more than 150 years. Back in 2002 the decision was taken for the majority of the vineyards to be grown according to the rules of lunar organic viticulture. This type of vine growing associates the rules of lunar organic agriculture to the lunar cycles. The 2005 harvest was the first of the lunar-certified wines.

Charm, French style!
Much influenced by its 4 terroirs oscillating from pink granite to calcareous clay substrates, Brouilly is clothed in a deep dark intense ruby robe, with aromas and flavours that are more fruity than floral, with forthright red fruit, plum, supple tannins and a few mineral notes faithfully reproducing the Gamay bouquet. The most widespread and southernmost of the Beaujolais Crus gets its name from the hill Mont Brouilly where Brulius, a lieutenant in the Roman army, had his seat.