Thomas Barton Res St Emilion 70cl 13.5% abv

Thomas Barton Res St Emilion 70cl 13.5% abv

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This wine is the ultimate homage to Thomas Barton who came to Bordeaux from Ireland in 1725. He quickly became the most important

wine merchant in Bordeaux having built a solid reputation among faithful customers all over Europe, who recognized his expertise and

know-how. The spirit of Thomas Barton has been perpetuated in this prestigious wine.

The packaging reflects the classic elegance of the 18th century: a typical “flacon bordelais” bottle – a short capsule – a long cork – and a

sober label mentionning the name of the shipper and the appellation.

Appearance: Deep red colour with ruby highlights.

Nose: Expressive nose full of red berry aromas (strawberry, raspberry) as well as cocoa notes when agitated.

Palate: Harmonious, with ripe fruit flavours (blackberry jam) and rich in soft tannins. Long and smooth finish