Boatyard Old Tom Double Gin 46% abv 70cl

Boatyard Old Tom Double Gin 46% abv 70cl

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Boatyard Old Tom Gin is the second product to

be launched from The Boatyard Distillery and the

first of its kind to be launched in Ireland.

Old Tom Gin was a gin recipe popular in the 18th Century,

where the illegal, home-made, harsh gins of the time were

sweetened with liquorice or sugar to make it more palatable

to the masses. Some say takes its name from an illicit

method of dispensing gin in the 18th Century. A sign was

erected outside Captain Bradstreet’s premises in London

carrying the image of a cat. Thirsty passers-by would

deposit their penny in a slot and receive a slug of gin from a

lead pipe under the cat’s paw in return.


Double gin distilled with 8 different botanicals

including Sweet Gale harvested on the family farm.

It is produced in ‘Doc Brown’ our 250-litre still.

The collected spirit rests for a minimum of 4 months

drawing flavour and colour from the cask, we then add

Fermanagh honey for natural sweetness, imitating our

18th Century predecessors. Our Old Tom has notes of

candied lemon peel, vanilla and cinnamon spice, with a silky

orange finish. Slightly sweeter than London Dry but drier

than Dutch genever it is sometimes referred to as

‘the missing link’.