Aalborg Nordguld Aquavit 40% abv 70cl

Aalborg Nordguld Aquavit 40% abv 70cl

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Aalborg "Nordguld" Aquavit was launched in 2007 and is the world's first and only aquavit that contains aromas that have been enclosed in amber for up to 30 million years. Amber is also called the gold of the North. Hence the name - "Nordguld" meaning North Gold.

In addition to the distillate of amber, "Nordguld" contains distillate of caraway and dill seeds. The last touch it gets after being stored on sherry barrels.

First taste impressions points to caraway seeds and discreet vanilla. But if you give the after taste a chance, you'll experience the taste of amber, which makes many people think of rosemary, pine needles and resin.

With its round flavour, Aalborg "Nordguld" Aquavit specializes in salt and smoked food, and is the natural companion for a piece of smoked salmon or a potato meal garnished with bacon.