Conde de Haro Muga Cava Brut 12% abv 75cl

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This sparkling wine has a very bright Straw-yellow colour with fine bubbles. On the nose it is subtle and complex with primary aromas of grapefruit, lemon and a hint of green apple. From the 18 months spent on the riddling rack we can find aromas of the bakers’ shop and biscuits among others and some dried fruit from the bottle ageing. On the palate it is fresh, with a good balance of fruit, acidity and the tiny bubbles. In the long, persistent finish we can find some creamy notes.

Manual harvesting with transfer to the winery in 200-kilo boxes in a refrigerated lorry. After de-stemming and gentle pressing the musts undergo an initial fermentation process in wooden vats where they remain until the end of April in contact with their lees. Once the liqueur de tirage (sugar and yeast solution) has been added, the wine is bottled, so that a second fermentation occurs very slowly over 3-4 months at a controlled temperature of 10-11ºC. This very slow fermentation allows us to achieve bubbles with very high integrity. The wine is stored in riddling racks for a minimum of 24 months which gives it aromatic complexity, yeasty pastry shop aromas and smoothness on the palate. Before the bottles are re-sealed with a cork stopper they are disgorged and the wine is topped up with expedition liqueur.